At A Glance

ACA traces its origin to Mr. AbdAllah El Kadeem who was one of the first public accountants in Egypt in the mid-1950s. He was the 100th member in the Egyptian Registry of Auditors and Accountants (RAA) and accordingly acquired his license and practiced as a chartered accountant since then. In 1985, Mr. Tarek El Kadeem partnered with Mr. AbdAllah El Kadeem and established El Kadeem & Co. In 2001, the firm’s name changed to Arab Consultants & Accountants (ACA) – El Kadeem & Co. Introducing several strategic changes in 2012, Mr. Ahmed El Kadeem joined as a partner. In the same year, ACA  partnered with Inuit Management Consultancy LLP in Dubai to offer incorporation services for its clients in the United Arab Emirates. Today, ACA provides audit & assurance, tax, accounting, financial and incorporation advisory services for clients in various sectors to outperform in the challenging marketplace. We have built extensive experience in 13 industries in Egypt with over 250 clients along the years.

Mission & Vision

Our purpose is to cater for the dynamic needs of our clients and continuously aim to exceed their expectations by being a competent and dedicated adviser of choice. In the coming years, we are pursuing a leadership position in the consulting profession locally and regionally. As such, we aim to offer an even wider range of consulting services including management consultancy and Training. Moreover, believing in the immense business potential in Egypt, we aim at expanding our office to include branches in Major cities across Egypt.




We will deliver our promise of exceptional dedication with professional due care and ethical standards.


We will ensure our excellence by improving the capabilities of our employees and clients through continuously upgrading our teams’ potential by on-the- job training, mentoring and acting upon our clients’ feedback.

Corporate Citizenship

With strong passion to expand its values in its outer community, ACA contributes to the area of accounting and financial training and development offering the Egyptian youth the opportunity to advance. Given both countries’ cascading economy, our team offers professional and technical (accounting, financial & tax) training courses to better equip youth to the struggling economy.

Managing Partner’s Message

” We work close by our clients to assess and upgrade

their capabilities and thus deliver viable solutions “

In ACA, we believe that our clients are not in need of complicated reports that advise them on their strategic decisions, but rather they, especially those operating in emerging markets like Egypt, are in need of consultants who can advance and refine their resources to implement these advices. Upon this capability-building philosophy, ACA has developed its client-partner approach which ensures that our clients attain the results pursued. We work close by our clients to assess and upgrade their capabilities and thus deliver viable solutions. Given the region’s current turbulent status, the need for business guidance and advisory is ever evolving. As the flow of revenue is declining, organizations need to better utilize their resources, manage their risks and regulate their costs. Accordingly, we garnered our regional expertise and insight to support our clients in such a challenging environment and will continue to do so. We have actively competed with numerous local and international accounting and financial consultancies in Egypt throughout the past three decades and have been able to demonstrate our differentiation with our capability-building philosophy and our promise of exceptional dedication. This is why we have the vision of expanding further in the financial and accounting consulting services we offer and in the region. ACA promises to deliver viable financial and accounting solutions to its clients. We are driven with our values of “Advancement” to pioneer the progress of the financial and accounting  consulting profession in the region and “Integrity” as it is indispensable for an ethical business environment. We are adamant in respecting those values with our employees and clients alike as people are the core of this accounting and financial profession. We continuously strive to advance our team to render our clients result-oriented and quality-driven as are we.