Client-Partner Approach

Our philosophy is premised upon the concept of capability-building where we guide clients through strategic recommendations but most importantly we provide them with guidance on how to refine and advance their resources to implement these recommendations. In addition to this, being a devoted partner to our clients we assist them to surpass their challenging situations while they still direct their time and resources to function their core business.

To achieve this, we cater to the needs of each of our clients by partnering with them. We thoroughly investigate our client's case preserving a viable two-way communication to act upon their feedback, we advise and train them to be result-oriented and quality-driven as are we and accordingly we deliver our promise of exceptional dedication.

Why ACA?

We help clients do the following:

  • Certify the reliability and accuracy of financial statements quarterly, annually and upon request
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Design a customized manual or computerized accounting information system
  • Valuate business assets
  • Perform a due diligence on potential investments
  • Obtain accurate financial analysis for informed decision making purposes
  • Prepare feasibility studies for new markets and new projects
  • Advise on the legal and financial structure of new startups and business ventures
  • Execute the legal procedures of establishing new startups and business ventures
  • Advise clients in their investments decisions
  • Advise clients on how to finance new and underfunded projects
  • Advise clients in their financial decisions such as internal control activities
  • Ensure compliance to all the legal requirements concerning tax regulations and corporate governance
  • Resolve tax disputes with the tax authorities
  • Administer liquidations and other procedures
  • Offer technical and professional training courses to client's management and employees

Leadership Team

Tarek El Kadeem

Tarek El Kadeem

Managing Partner

Throughout a nearly three-decade career specializing in tax consultancy & planning, setting up new business ventures, due-diligence and designing & implementing accounting information systems, Mr. Tarek has been leading ACA since 1985.
He advised numerous pioneering local and multinational organizations in the areas of mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance. He took part in and collaborated with several successful business ventures in Egypt. In 2004, he co-founded the Egyptian International Consulting Group (EICG) and was an active partner till 2012.

He also co-founded Business Development (BD) for financial consultancy in 2007, was a board member and acted as its financial consultant till 2012. In 2008, he became a shareholder in Business Development Training (BDT) till 2011. Furthermore, he has been a shareholder and the financial controller of Partners Group since 1992 till present which is a holding company acting as an agent for several international organizations and as distributors for Apple Inc. in Egypt.

As one of his area of expertise, Mr. Tarek architected multiple accounting information systems. In 1994, he designed an original accounting information system named "Added Value" and briefly after during the period from 1995-1998, he designed and executed another accounting information system named "Business Advanced Solutions".

He was benevolent to take developmental initiatives as he headed the team responsible for preparing a report about the Taxation of SMEs in Egypt in 2005. He also participated in several foreign-funded environmental projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment from 1992 till 1998.

His experience in Sudan started in 2007 when he suggested and initiated the Wasat El- Wady (Sky) factory in Khartoum as a shareholder and financial controller of Partners Group. After such a successful engagement in Sudan, Mr. Tarek then led the expansion of ACA to Sudan in 2012 in collaboration with a Sudanese accounting firm.

He has been accredited by various local and international institutions. He is a licensed public accountant by the following organizations:
  • Member of the Egyptian Society of Accountants & Auditors (EAAA) - 1989
  • Member of the International Fiscal Society (IFS) -1990
  • Member of the Egyptian Tax Society (ETS) - 1990
  • Authorized Auditor by the Egyptian Central Auditing Organization
  • (ECAO) - 1995
  • Authorized Auditor by the Egyptian Central Bank (ECB) – 1998
  • Authorized Auditor by the Egyptian Financial Supervising Authority (EFSA) - 2002

Mr. Tarek El Kadeem trained in Swiss Pharma (currently Novartis) in 1981 and in Mobil Oil (currently Exxon Mobile) in 1982. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the Faculty of Commerce, University of Ain Shams in 1981. In 1985, he acquired his Certified Public Accountant license from the Egyptian Ministry of Finance - Registry of Auditors and Accountants (RAA) with the number (5272). In 1989, He received his Auditor and Accountant certificate from the (RAA) which is the Egyptian equivalence to the international CPA certificate.

In 2012, he became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed with the no. 31283 by the state of Colorado. He is also a member of the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
Since joining the firm in 2012, Mr. Ahmed became in charge of the Audit & FAS activities in ACA. He is specialized in the fields of Auditing, Finance and Accounting. He has advised various clients in the area of internal control. In addition, he headed ACA's team in designing and implementing accounting information systems for several listed corporations.

Prior to 2012, he has served various clients as an Assurance Auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) from 2009-2011. In 2008, he joined the Egyptian International Consulting Group (EICG) as a Senior Accountant where he engaged as a team leader in providing accounting and financial services to local and multinational clients.

Mr. Ahmed is recognized for his extensive knowledge of U.S. GAAP, U.S. GAAS, IFRS and EAS in a addition to his studies in professional ethics, financial management, planning and measurement, U.S. tax and business laws. He has led audit engagements for various local, international and listed clients in both Egypt and Sudan. Moreover, he has been supervising engagement in financial and auditing services with several local and multinational clients.

Mr. Ahmed obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Misr International University in 2008 majoring in Accounting.
Ahmed El Kadeem

Ahmed El Kadeem

Audit & FAS Partner